Pathologic remake Kickstarter (goal reached)

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Pathologic remake Kickstarter (goal reached)

Postby Nordicus » Sat Sep 27, 2014 3:00 pm

Ice-Pick Lodge, a Russian developer behind the original Pathologic, The Void, Cargo: A Quest For Gravity and Knock-Knock (previous finished kickstarter), is now using Kickstarter again to get additional funding for a thorough remake and reimagining of their first flawed but original title, released back in 2006. The project reached its main funding goal of $250k, but there are still various stretch goals left.


I wanted to make a thread about it because I think Pathologic might sound like a very interesting game to a lot of you, perhaps interesting enough to try the old version, and the Kickstarter pitch video is worth watching on its own.


Pathologic is a "plot-driven survival open-world adventure game" where you control one of 3 different "doctors", attempting to cure a small town of a contagious and deadly Sand Plague within 12 days, each in their unique way that often clashes with others. Events are time-sensitive, the locals have bizarre customs, you may be assaulted by the sick, the mad, the violent and the desperate, you're responsible for your own health and nutrition during your stay. You will likely do things you're not proud of, this is that kind of game. If you take the high road without enough results, you might actually fail to beat the game. Every day is 2 hours of real time. Sounds punishing? Oh it is, but Ice-Pick Lodge loves time management as a mechanic, and you may find your struggles and failures surprisingly compelling.

The original Pathologic became a cult classic in spite of its faults. The developers were new and their feature implementation processes wasted a lot of development time, and probably worst of all, the localization of the game wasn't very good at all. A badly localized mystery plot, think about that. Ice-Pick Lodge founder and CEO loves his prose, it's all over their Kickstarter descriptions and updates. With Knock-Knock it was sometimes almost impenetrable in a deliberate way, but just few minutes with Pathologic can very quickly give you the feeling that the translator wasn't up to the task of translating the original Russian text.

Kickstarter link
Original Pathologic on GOG

Quintin Smith wrote a 3-part dissection of the game at RockPaperShotgun back in 2008. Incredibly spoiler-heavy, so be warned

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