Tracking down childhood ephemera is cool

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Tracking down childhood ephemera is cool

Postby mwchase » Fri Nov 13, 2015 8:36 pm

I know I'm not the only one who remembers bits and pieces of media, toys, whatever, from decades ago, and wonders stuff like "Who wrote those? What other stuff have they done? Was the original any good at all?"

I figured it would make sense for people wondering about that stuff to have a place to pool their resources and maybe actually track some of the things they remember down.

Starting off... a series of books set in a medieval-ish fantasy setting. The main character's family and friends live in fear of marauding dragons (it is not How To Train Your Dragon), but he ends up befriending a young dragon in secret. There's a war going on with the neighboring kingdom, and for a while, the main characters are amnesiac slaves in the other kingdom. There's stuff with tiny, playful mutants, a reclusive wizard, gas masks, and some youth potion that gets used to take a bunch of villains out of the picture, and also to allow the main character's dragon to recover from an otherwise-fatal wound.

I remember zero proper nouns associated with any of this. No book I have found in Google searching and scouring Wikipedia has sounded like it.

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