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Ąŗċӓņĕ ťėӿҭ!

Postby dudecon » Fri Mar 27, 2015 5:13 pm

Just wanted to share a bit of Python code I wrote to do UTF-8 substitutions that makes text look super weird.
Behold! The fruit of my labors!
Ḅěћоӏḑ‽ Ԏԧĕ ӻŗũїҭ œẛ ӎу ḷӑЊœŕŝ⁉
ҌœћӧḻԀ! ЋЋѐ ḟгų༑ť ōẝ mў ŀąЬӧŗṧ⁉
Вēℎōḻԁ! Ťĥę ẛŕųѩԏ őḟ ᵯӳ ŀăъœřѕ‽

You may need a good UTF font to render all the characters. The code itself can be found here:

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