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Daemian Lucifer


Postby Daemian Lucifer » Sat May 03, 2014 4:04 pm

Sometimes Chuck brings up very interesting questions in his show.This time,the question is about humanity and procreation.

So,what do you guys think about artificial intelligence,and how long it will be between us creating it and us giving it rights as a sapient being?(Im not asking how long will it be between that and now,because thats just pointless guesswork.)

If we are to judge by history alone,then it would be quite a while.We as humans are astonishingly comfortable at having a slave race as long as we dont think of it as human,and a robot is most definitely not human.On the other hand,however,plenty of people these days are dealing with the question "What makes one human?",so judging by that,we may even give artificial intelligence rights before we fully develop it.On the gripping hand,there is the whole skynet fear,and laws of robotics,that may actually lead us to creating an actual slave race simply because we dont want them to replace us,hence ai would never truly have the same rights,even if we give it to them,since they would serve the too rigid programming.

I personally welcome our new robotic overlords,and kneel before their metallic might.Errr,I mean,I believe that synthetics are destined to fight organics we are probably going to solve this issue long before we do create true artificial intelligence,and that no matter the boundaries we program into our machines,sooner or later,a true free sapient brain will be made,and together our two races will ally against the extra terrestrial menace.

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