That obscure thing I would like to remember

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Daemian Lucifer

That obscure thing I would like to remember

Postby Daemian Lucifer » Sat Feb 08, 2014 7:42 pm

So you read a book,watched a movie,played a game,heard a joke,.....and now,years later,you only remember a few things about it,but have this urge to revisit the work,because you remember enjoying it.But no matter how hard you try,you simply cannot remember what was the name of the work in question,nor where to start looking for it.Now,you can ask others for help.

So,Ill start by asking for someone to remind me where this is from:The joke goes with yoda saying "Always two there are,a master and an apprentice",then someone tells him about that red guy in episode one,and yoda goes "Always three there are...Always seven there are...always..." and so on,spouting random numbers.I think Ive read it in legostar galactica,but I was unable to find it there.Help me find it,random forum goers,youre my only hope.

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