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Re: Movies are cool as well

Postby Lachlan the Sane » Fri Jun 16, 2017 11:04 am

So I saw Wonder Woman! I liked it quite a lot! Random thoughts:

- Final fight with Ares was the worst part of the film by far. What is it with these DCCU movies? That fight was pure teal and orange, and very badly shot compared to the rest of the film. It looked like it was directed by Snyder. Also, we've had three of them so far and the big bad of every single one of them has been a dude in gun-metal grey spiky armour. What's with that?

- I did like the casting of Ares himself, though -- Professor Lupin explaining his (admittedly bullshit) philosophy in a calm teacherly voice was a better accompaniment for that battle than William Stryker going off about the glory of war.

- Regarding the depiction of Germans -- I think the reason that there's so much argument about it in this thread is actually that the Germans weren't there? The only German soldiers with any speaking lines beyond the barely perfunctory were the obvious arsehole general and the guy that the general shot when he said there wasn't enough time. I did like the moment at the very end of the film where the Germans were embracing the Howling Commandos, that was nice and sympathetic, but it came out of nowhere. At least one other sympathetic German would have made the alleged "all war is bad" message a lot clearer.

- Etta Candy was there! And she wasn't a completely shit one-note joke either! To my own Golden-Age-obsessed comic brain this was about as revolutionary as the Snyder Batman teaming up with Lego Robin.

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