D&D 5e "Dark" Archetypes--Additional Class Options

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D&D 5e "Dark" Archetypes--Additional Class Options

Postby Ivellius » Sat Jun 20, 2015 6:25 pm

This is basically a repost of something I put up in another place on the Internet, where it quickly went into a discussion of "we don't need new evil options because you can be evil with the current ones." I thought it might get somewhat less sidetracked here, so I'm mainly just focusing to get additional ideas about 5e class options to add.

I was recently inspired by a Facebook discussion of "necrobotany" to work on homebrewing some material to cover some themes that might seem more typical of villainous characters. While the DMG provides examples of dark Cleric and Paladin paths, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas / suggestions about themes or abilities you'd like to see along these lines? My focus was initially on expanding options for classes that were a bit neglected by the PHB, but I ended up completing variants for all of the classes.

My current list of new class options with a brief overview:
Barbarian: Path of Ancestors, summoning familial spirits for guidance and protection, Path of the Collector, who gains power from the bones of his enemies, and the Path of the Damned, summoning fiendish powers for martial prowess.
Bard: College of Lamentation, an order that administers funerary rites and preserves the memories of the deceased.
Cleric: Ur-priest, who steals power from the gods.
Druid: Circle of Decay, with necrotic abilities, and Circle of Plagues, focused on disease and vermin.
Fighter: Ebon Warrior, who uses necromantic magic in battle.
Monk: Shadowsun Ninja, who manipulates light and darkness (update of the Tome of Battle prestige class).
Paladin: The Gray Guard (update of 3e prestige class). Differs from the Oath of Vengeance by being explicitly more focused on philosophical pragmatism rather than the "paladin but sorta evil" mush of the Oath of Vengeance.
Ranger: Vengeful Slayer, a cruel hunter of foes (kinda like Oath of Vengeance), and Void Stalker, a nihilistic warrior who harnesses the power of the Void (considerably different spell focus and other odd abilities).
Rogue: Infernal Agent, loyal servant of the Nine Hells, and Void Infiltrator, a saboteur with occult powers.
Sorcerer: Blood Mage, who manipulates blood magic, and Cancer Mage, who gains powers from a magical cyst.
Warlock: Archlich Patron with undead flavored boons and Pact of Flesh, which transforms you to be more like your patron. Also new invocations to work with them.
Wizard: Arachnomancy, with hints of evocation, conjuration, and transmutation, Fiendbinder, which is a more focused conjurer, and Noctumancy, which uses shadows to combine abilities from several schools.

I also made a Necrobotanist feat, focused on combining the undead and plant creatures but for a more wizardly focus. What else might you think would be good to see?
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Daemian Lucifer

Re: D&D 5e "Dark" Archetypes--Additional Class Options

Postby Daemian Lucifer » Sat Jun 20, 2015 11:39 pm

Heh,an evil warlock.Only in d&d does that distinction make sense.

Anyway,Im not really that big of a fan of the plethora of classes that we got in later editions of d&d.I prefer fewer classes with more kits for each of them.Yet,oddly enough,there was never a dedicated leader class,someone who buffs their allies merely by their presence,and provides them with better situational awareness.So theres your idea,an evil leader(a warlord,for example),who inspires their minions through fear,giving them higher tolerance to pain(more hp)and preventing their surrender.

Re: D&D 5e "Dark" Archetypes--Additional Class Options

Postby Ivellius » Mon Jun 22, 2015 3:22 am

That's not a bad idea (it's one of the few classes I'd like to see added), but I'm not sure it counts as "dark" and I was speaking more about doing additional (sub)class options (kits might be appropriate to say? I didn't play pre-3rd edition). 5e greatly increased class features across the board but also required each class to choose a specialization. These are all additional specializations within these base classes.

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