An Adventure Named John — A severely misguided game concept

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An Adventure Named John — A severely misguided game concept

Postby mwchase » Thu Jul 11, 2013 12:48 am

This is a bad idea.

So, I'm aware of various attempts to adapt a story from MSPA, usually Homestuck, to a tabletop format by formalizing the story constructs into game constructs.

I think this is a bad idea,

in part because planning this stuff out runs counter to the improvisational nature of the source material. I think a working adaptation would have to combine the on-the-fly changes to the basis of everything that characterizes much of MSPA, and the random, conflicting, and often wildly self-destructive drives originating from external sources that also characterize much of MSPA.

That is probably a bad idea.

Regardless, what strikes me as a good fit for this kind of thing would be a port of Everyone is John into the rules framework of Nomic, with an emphasis on the gameplay elements sourced from Everyone is John.

This seems like an amazingly bad idea.

So, does anyone want to help work out how this could work, put together counter-proposals, or just comment from the sidelines? I've already thought about this way more than I'd like to without a safety valve.

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