Warface - Crytek's Ugly Mug

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Warface - Crytek's Ugly Mug

Postby Naota » Sat Aug 16, 2014 8:02 am

So recently there's been a lot of talk about Crytek's recent shutdowns and seemingly precarious financial position, both on the Diecast and the internet at large. A lot of speculation as to why falls on their most recent games, which are widely regarded as just not very good. Personally I've never been much of a fan of Crytek; Crysis was flat boring bullet-spongy sandbox of identical enemies with totally uninspired art direction (Trees! Ski goggles + muscle diagram = nanosuit!), Far Cry was the same with less of everything, and the later games slowly morphed into run of the military shooters with only a nod towards their roots. Suffice to say, I wasn't chomping at the bit to pick up Ryse on launch day.

In fact, it seems like nobody else I've spoken to has either. Fair enough I suppose. But what about the other games they've made lately? What about Warface?

I had heard it wasn't very good, maybe a few times, but little more than that. Back in the day it gave me and my fellow devs over at Firearms: Source quite a scare, as it looked to be offering a very similar game except backed by the Crytek, masters of high-fidelity military grit. Then news on it went dark for years - literal years. We released two full versions of FAS and countless updates in the mean time and had nearly forgotten Warface existed when suddenly it showed up on Steam, alive and... free to play? Too weird. By this point not only had I stopped major dev work on FAS - I had nearly finished Unrest.

But somehow, a month passed and still no word on anybody having played it. Why not? It's Crytek, right? I had to know - and by this I mean Azalius made me download it one day in a fit of boredom and poor judgement. The next day I had the Full House crew in there with us. We bit the bullet for you guys; it turns out people don't play Warface for a damn good reason.

Half House Warface: Tentface

Half House Warface: Demon Robots

If you're like me and have always wondered just what it was about Crytek's games that went sour in the last few years, yet lack my incalculable foolishness, this is just the thing for you: a window into the suffering we endured at their unmerciful Korean Robot Hands. I would say more, but... really, words don't do this game justice.

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