Imperial SWTOR Guild?

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Imperial SWTOR Guild?

Postby Alexander The 1st » Thu Aug 08, 2013 8:03 am

Heya all.

So recently I've been playing a lot of Star Wars: The Old Republic (With a Republic Smuggler named "TotallyTrusty" and a Imperial Sith Inquisitor named "Untrusty" - both going for light side points.), and I've been running ahead and doing quests and whatnot, but recently I've started to be hit with being about 4 levels below the expected level - which is around the point that your attacks don't even hit the enemy (Even Chain Lightning.).

But so far, I've been using Heroics to stay ahead, and I was wondering if there was an active group of SWTOR players here who are interested in a mainly Heroic (Well, as the guild would be Imperial based, they should really be called "Villainics" or something) running guild - that is, to have a group of guild members which should help significantly with finding people to run a heroic, or a set of them quickly, such that Heroic 4's and such don't impede on the amount of time spent on a planet any more than a player actually wants to be on one.

Currently on the Jedi Consular server, and mostly interested to see who would be interested in joining said type of guild.

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