Pokemon Fire Red RTR: Team Invasive Species

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Re: Pokemon Fire Red RTR: Team Invasive Species

Postby The Rocketeer » Mon Aug 07, 2017 2:50 am

Spamira wrote:You don’t have to treat me like an elementary school kid.
...Is Spamira not an elementary school kid? I mean, not that school is apparently a big thing in the Pokémon setting. For whatever reason, I imagined Emerald Spammy as older, but with the greater attention to the world and characters, I kinda assumed that Spamira was sticking a bit closer to the canon FRLG parameters.

This storyline/area is kinda odd. First, the fisherman and his wife together strongly imply that they're catching fish Pokémon to eat, which has been a bigger and bigger no-no as time has worn on. I guess you can rationalize that they're eating non-Pokémon fish, but the existence of non-Pokémon animals has itself been tacitly phased out in the years since. It wouldn't stick out to me except as an anachronism if it was part of the old Kanto script, but this is a new area with new writing.

Next, we have a Pokémon using one of their moves on a person trainer threatening to use one of their Pokémon's moves on a person. It's sort of ambiguous whether Lorelei follows through or not, but the latter is the safe assumption. A Pokémon using moves on a human is vanishingly rare, to the point I can only recall one other instance of it happening in the games: a reference to a Drowzee or Hypno actually eating someone's dream, presumably with Dream Eater. I thought the whole idea that you faint when you run out of Pokémon in a wild battle wasn't just to evade the question of what happens when Pokémon move logic intersects with human biology and wellness, but to avoid the idea of Pokémon-on-human violence, which is taboo to a degree that the remaining game-logic necessarily suffers. E.g., why does beating a Rocket in a Pokémon battle mean they have to leave and abandon their plans? Couldn't they just, you know, keep running the casino or whatever? What's more, this wasn't the behavior of a wild Pokémon following its instinct, but a reputable trainer assaulting someone.

Which brings me to my last point: that Rocket you confront in the caves with Lorelei is 100% right. They aren't doing anything illegal by catching Pokémon in the cave, and no real grounds to question their handling of the Pokémon in question. Maybe breaking and entering trespassing exploring the warehouse will prove something's amiss, but this is a far cry from taking over Nakatomi Plaza Silph Co. or cutting the tails of Slowpokes to sell as food. Heck, I'm not even convinced the Slowpoke thing was really that bad, since the Slowpokes don't seem to notice and I think the tails grow back.

Something just strikes me as backwards when you have someone threatening Poké-violence to disrupt legitimate catching/training and business and it's the Rockets on the receiving end of Ice Beams to the face. It makes me envision a timeline where Team Rocket tried to go straight after Giovanni disappeared, but incidents like this and their poor image and personal skills force them to return to crime. Or maybe I'm making something out of nothing; maybe Spamira has every right to pass judgment sight unseen. It's a safe bet that only a cruel or neglectful trainers would just, you know, buy their whole team through the mail.
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Re: Pokemon Fire Red RTR: Team Invasive Species

Postby Supahewok » Mon Aug 07, 2017 10:41 am

Can't organizations as a whole be listed as criminal entities? Like, if a member of Al-Qaeda is running around town center, even if he hasn't done anything criminal I don't think police need probable cause to arrest them.
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Re: Pokemon Fire Red RTR: Team Invasive Species

Postby The Rocketeer » Tue Aug 08, 2017 1:49 am

I've been awaiting official clarification on that, but Kanto's office of Attorney General has sat vacant since, uh... always, actually. POKéLAW IS JUNGLE LAW, EVER RED IN TOOTH AND CLAW.
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Re: Pokemon Fire Red RTR: Team Invasive Species

Postby SpammyV » Thu Aug 10, 2017 2:35 am

this is 100% what i think about between updates

What the Pokemon do between adventures wrote:Image: Oh Ambrose, every moment that I can spend with you is a joy!

Image: Please, Gertrude, you honor me with your presnce. I can scarce believe some days that you have joined me, that I shall one day wake up from a dream.

Image: If this is a dream, then if the real Ambrose has half of the charm and love you do, I should just as soon spend time with you.

Image: Oh Gertrude...

Image: SCOUNDREL! How DARE you lay a flipper on my sister!

Image: Katarina?! Is that you, Katarina?!

Image: Is is, dear sister.

Image: How did you find me? After we were separated by the storm, I thought I would never see you or our family again!

Image: Mother and Father have missed you every day since, sister. They will be overjoyed to hear that you are safe- AND free from this rogue!

Image: You are Gertrude's sister? I understand the source of your concern for her but I can assure-

Image: Assure me of nothing, fiend! I'll not forgive you for leading my sister away from the noble duty of our family!

Image: Please, sister, please! Ambrose is not who you think he is!

Image: I tell you, you wound me by saying that I bear any ill intend towards your sister.

Image: Silence yourself, scoundrel! I am here to reunite my sister with her family and save her from any who would take advantage of her, like you!

Image: Sister! That is quite enough! I tell you that Ambrose is a good Pokemon! He has done nothing but to help me and show me love! I will not stand to see you slander him so!

Image: Step aside, sister! I will deal with this annoyance!

Image: I will not! Any action you take against Ambrose, you must go through me to do so!

Image: Please, Gertrude, stop.

Image: Ambrose! If we are separated, if I must return to my family, we may never see each other again!

Image: I am all too aware of that, please believe me. I could not bear to be apart from you.

Image: Now that I have found someone like you I don't know that I could face life without you.

Image: But just as much that I could not bear to live without you, I could not forgive myself if I knew that you raised a flipper in anger against your own family on my account. Or if I brought harm to any family that you hold dear.

Imaget: But... what will you do?

Image: …

Image: I know what I must do.

Image: To be continued.



Image: You can't stop there and not tell us what happens!

Image: I think I might actually be getting physically hurt by the suspense. Can a Pokemon Center treat suspense?

Image: I'll take that excitement as a compliment!
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Re: Pokemon Fire Red RTR: Team Invasive Species

Postby The Rocketeer » Thu Aug 10, 2017 5:29 am

This seems... familiar, somehow...
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Re: Pokemon Fire Red RTR: Team Invasive Species

Postby Trix2000 » Thu Aug 10, 2017 7:45 pm

Man, you're weird, why would ANYONE think about that stuff?

...I want to know what happens too...
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Re: Pokemon Fire Red RTR: Team Invasive Species

Postby SpammyV » Fri Aug 11, 2017 12:31 am

Any resemblance to something found in a game I haven't played it purely coincidental yet reassuring that someone has a similar sense of humor.
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Re: Pokemon Fire Red RTR: Team Invasive Species

Postby SpammyV » Thu Aug 17, 2017 12:40 am

UPDATE 41! "Oh, uh... nothing really happened today Mom. Just trainer stuff."

A shorter update today, but that's because this marks the end of the beginning of the end. Of the end of the end of the beginning? However, even though we're... uh... getting close to the end of Spamira's journey, there are some dangling threads I'd like to weave closed first.

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